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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Decorating Your Storage Boxes

Decorating Your Storage Boxes

 I have been trying to think of some creative ways of leaving my storage containers out in the open. And have them as decorative accents for my Craft Room. Pictured below I decorated envelope boxes and made them apart of my room decor. This gives me a nice decorative storage place for small items. In the bottom box pictured on the right I have my embossing folders stored. The top 2 boxes are envelope storage and the small box to the left is also envelope storage.


Mod Podge Binderie Decorative Pattern Paper Krylon Clear Glaze Spray


I altered the lid of the box by cutting the sides of the cover shorter.
I used Mod Podged on the paper to adhere it to the box.
I sealed the paper with Krylon Clear Glaze Spray.
I used my binderie to drill holes in the lids of the boxes to add a bow.
They are a cute addition to my Craft Room.

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