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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Basket Storage

I came up with a decorative tool caddy. I had a blue round one on my table. I was at Michael's and found some cute baskets that I am using for storage now.  I really, really like them.  I love using baskets to deocrate my room and use the for storage.

 I had some small boxes that I fit inside the basket to divide it into sections and keep the tools seperate
I really like this better for a tool caddy then the ones specifically made for this.

Then on the right I have a smaller basket that I use for the rest of my craft supplies.

I have some bigger baskets that I got from Michaels and Walgreens.
The purple baskets are from Micahels, and the tan baskets are from Walgreens.
I have my books seperated in  groups in the basket according to subject.
One basket is for Sketch books, another for heritage scrapbooking, one for quotes and page titles and another one for magazines.
I wish Michaels had some more smaller purple or pink baskets like this cause I would have bought more.
I love the accent of the fabric lined baskets for added interst to the Craft Room.

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