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Monday, September 19, 2011

Trendy Alternatives- Twine, String And More

Twine, String And More
By: Mary

Using twine, string, floss, cord and hemp are very popular right now to use on any craft project.

Here are some projects I made using twine, floss, hemp and cord.

Anyone of these products can be substituded for the other.

You can use them on layouts and slide it through a buckle
On this layout I used cord to run through the buckle.

You can use it for banners on layouts or hang the on the wall.
On these layouts I used cord to string the banners.

For wrapping packages or tie a tag
Wrapping this package I tied on some twine.

Add to Buttons
The first button is twine, The middle button is floss, the end button is cord.

Wrap them on cards
I used floss to wrap around this card.

Use them to stitch borders and frames
I used twine to stitch a border.

Decorate your Preserves
I used twine to hold on the decorative cover for this preserve.

You can hang ornaments
I used twine to hang this ornament.

You can tie treat bags, candy and snacks
I used twine to tie this treat bag.

You can make Lollypops then wrap them and tie them with string
I used twine to make the lollypops.
I used floss to tie the wrapper around the lollypop.

The possibilties are endless.
Use your imagination and find creative ways to use the products you have.
These are all projects I made using different products.

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