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Monday, February 27, 2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Basket Storage

I came up with a decorative tool caddy. I had a blue round one on my table. I was at Michael's and found some cute baskets that I am using for storage now.  I really, really like them.  I love using baskets to deocrate my room and use the for storage.

 I had some small boxes that I fit inside the basket to divide it into sections and keep the tools seperate
I really like this better for a tool caddy then the ones specifically made for this.

Then on the right I have a smaller basket that I use for the rest of my craft supplies.

I have some bigger baskets that I got from Michaels and Walgreens.
The purple baskets are from Micahels, and the tan baskets are from Walgreens.
I have my books seperated in  groups in the basket according to subject.
One basket is for Sketch books, another for heritage scrapbooking, one for quotes and page titles and another one for magazines.
I wish Michaels had some more smaller purple or pink baskets like this cause I would have bought more.
I love the accent of the fabric lined baskets for added interst to the Craft Room.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tool Kit

I have the Cricut Tool Kit. I really liked the case. Well the zipper broke and it was falling apart from use.
So I had to find an alternative to store my tools used with my die cutters. Here's what I came up with.

It is has double sided storage. It is a quilling tool kit case. I really like it. I like how it keeps everything together. There are 3 storage sections for storing regular blades, deep cut blades and the blade housing.
They fit perfectly in there. I also have room to get the scoring tip housing. It's a nice way to keep everything together.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Decorating Your Storage Boxes

Decorating Your Storage Boxes

 I have been trying to think of some creative ways of leaving my storage containers out in the open. And have them as decorative accents for my Craft Room. Pictured below I decorated envelope boxes and made them apart of my room decor. This gives me a nice decorative storage place for small items. In the bottom box pictured on the right I have my embossing folders stored. The top 2 boxes are envelope storage and the small box to the left is also envelope storage.


Mod Podge Binderie Decorative Pattern Paper Krylon Clear Glaze Spray


I altered the lid of the box by cutting the sides of the cover shorter.
I used Mod Podged on the paper to adhere it to the box.
I sealed the paper with Krylon Clear Glaze Spray.
I used my binderie to drill holes in the lids of the boxes to add a bow.
They are a cute addition to my Craft Room.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cricut Cartridge Storage Ideas

If you have been following along with me I have been organizing my craft room. It has become quite a big job for me. But, I am making progress.

Here is a look at some past and present or Cricut Cartridge Organization Ideas.

This is the present way I am storing my cartridges.  I keep my handbooks and Cartridges seperate because most times I am not using the handbooks. I have been using the Cricut Imagine, Gypsy or Cricut Craftroom and the Cricut Mini to make up my projects. I have most of the digital handbooks downloaded from Cricut.com so I mainly look at the digital handbooks.

I store my cartridges in bead boxes.

I have the ends all labeled as to which cartridges are in what boxes.
I laminated the sheets and adhered them on the box with adhesive back Velcro.
This is so if I want to change on how I have the cartridge organized.
I can easily remove the label from the end of the box and make a new label.

This is a sample sheet of the cartridges listed at the end of the box.
Each box is numbered and listed in order to the section of the box they are in.

This is how I store my handbooks.
They are filed away in alphabetic order. I really like them filed so they are easy to find.
The are stored by my table with a hide-away table skirt in front of the storage.
I don't like all my stuff out in the open. So this is really working out for me well.

I store my Imagine cartridge in these altered Creative Options boxes. They fit nicely in there.
I had to cut away some sections of the box to add handbook store to the box.
This is really working out nicely for me.

I know everyone has their own needs on how they want to store things.
These are just some Ideas on how I am doing it.

This is the old way I used to store my cartridges.

This storage system was ok.
But, I didn't like digging through 8 heavy containers trying to find my cartridges.
This is why I went and with smaller containers and seperating the handbooks.

Prior to this storage system I used to store my cartridges like this.

I used baby food containers to seperate my cartridges and the containers were hot glued together.

I was able to fit my handbooks in alphabetic order in these boxes.

I went away from this storage Idea. 
 I found the boxes especially with the books were heavy and not easily moved around.
I do like this way of storing by keeping cartridges and handbooks seperate.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trendy Alternative - Magnetic Project Boards - Updated

Trendy Alternatives Update: 
I found a Beechwood Art Board Stand Easel to put my magnetic project board on. I found it at Hobby Lobby that is the only place I found it. I got 40% off. So I got it for under $25.00. The lip on the bottom is a little smaller then I would have liked but it serves its purpose. It is adjustable height and is 30" x 20" 19" .  I thought it might be too big. But I love the size. It is just right for my craft room.  It is light weight and I love the set up I have.

I have a Trendy Alternative for the Scrap'n Easel and other magnetic project work surfaces.
I do love that the Scrap'n Easel has angled work surface. I love having the option to hold my project pieces in place when designing. I love the fact that it is a 12x24 work surface. I love the fact that it folds up to a nice portfolio. I like the fact that it has a grided work surface.
I would just love to be able to have the Scrap'n Easel but it is just too expensive.

I got to thinking how can I have all of that and be able to afford it.

So I came up with a Trendy Alternative to this.  With some creative thinking and shopping around looking for ideas. This is what I came up with. I love it just as much for a fraction of the cost.
It's a 17"x23" work surface. It is a Magnetic Dry-Erase Board. Sometimes also called a White Board.
It's by Quartet and I picked it up at my local Wal-mart for under $10. I also found some magnets at Wal-mart that work perfectly with this magnetic board.
I had a book stand so I didn't need to purchase that.  It works fantastic! It's very sturdy with the bookstand behind it. The board and magnets cost Under $20.
You would just need to find an easel that would work with it. Maybe you or a handy hubby could build you one. I was lucky enough to have my bookstand available. I like the fact that the white board will hold one 12 x 12 layout.
This leaves and extra space at the side of the magnetic board to hold your cuts or make some notes as you go along.
Here are some photo's of how it looks.

Here's The label from the product

This book stand I already owned.

These are the magnets I purchased seperately.