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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rose Topiary

I'm going to show you how to make this Rose Topiary.

First you will need a candle stick.
I purchase a package of 3 at walmart in the candle section.

Top View

Next you will need a 5" Foam Ball.
I also purchased this at walmart in the craft section.

Next you will need round Dowels.
I also purchased at walmart in the craft section.

Mark the dowel every 4" and cut.

You will have 3 pieces need to assemble the Topiary.

Next you will need floral tape and foam tape.

Using the Floral Tape wrap the 3 dowels together.

Next you will need your foam tape.

Wrap the bottom of the dowel with foam tape.
This will be the end that will stick into the candle holder.
The other end you will stick into the ball.

Place the wooden dowel into the candle holder.

Next push the ball onto the dowels.

Your are now ready to start assembling the Topiary.

You will need 19 paper roses.
You can learn to assemble them on this post

Adhere the roses to the ball using a hot glue gun.

Accent Topiary with Whiter Pearl Sprays.

You will need Tulle to make tulle tuffs inbetween the roses.
Adhere  the tuffs of tulle with a hot glue gun.
As you are adding roses around the ball you will
add tuffs of tulle around each rose to fill in the spaces.
The butterflies are cut at 1-1/2" from the
 Martha Stewart Elegant Cakes Cricut Cartridge.
Adhere to ball with hot glue gun.

Add a ribbon bow and accent bow with butterflies.

Happy Crafting!!


How To Make A Paper Rose

When I make flowers I like to use hot glue guns to assemble them.
It dries quickly and makes for a sturdy flower.
To make a rose using your gypsy you want to select any image that will make a good petal, leaf and base of the flower. See diagram below to start your cut file.

Create A Cut File

On Your Gypsy make a cut file with the above images.
Cartridges - Gypsy Font, Mother's Day Bouquet.

Preparing The Petals

You Need 12 1-1/2" Petals, 9 1-1/4" and 4 1" petals

I used my quick stick and foam pad.

I rubbed the petal in a circular motion to curl the petal.
Don't worry about the folds and wrinkles it adds to the texture of the flower.

Assembling The Rose

Next ink the edges of the petal.

Layer the 2 cross shape petals for the base of the rose.
Adhere with hot glue.

Next adhere 6 1-1/2" petals with hot glue to the base of the flower.

Next adhere with hot glue and layer the next 6 petals.
Place this row of petals so they are inbetween the bottom petals met.

Next Layer 6 1-1/4" petals in the same manner as above.

Next layer and adhere with hot glue the last 3 petals of the flower.

Creating The Center Of The Rose

Place a tweezers at the side of the petal.

Next roll the 1" petal around the tweezers.
This will be the center of the rose.

With the last 3 1" petals place the tweezers in the center of the petal.

Next fold the sides of the petal around the tweezers.
This will create a bend in the petal to layer around the center of the rose.

Your 4 1" petals should look like this.

Next put a bead of hot glue in the center of a petal.

Place the center of the rose on top of the petal.
Next adhere the other 2 petals to the center of flower.

Your rose should look like this when completed.

Next adhere the leaves to the side of the rose with hot glue.

Your first rose is done. Now your ready to make some more.

Happy Crafting


Rose Topiary

Instructions on how to assembly Rose Topiary

Cherry On Top Blog Award

I been awarded another blog award!
Thanks Peggy And Donna from Daily Grace Creations!

The rules in accepting this award is to Thank the person who gave it.

Now 3 things I love about yourself.

1. I love my family I have.
2. I love my crafting skills.
3. The 3rd thing I love about me is my organizational skills

Now post a picture you love on your blog

I love how carefree my granddaughter looks chasing this butterfly.

Now to pass this award on to 5 other bloggers.

1. Linda - From Ladybuglair
2. Shelia - From She's A Sassy Lady
3. Peta - From Butterflies And Roses
4. Margie - From Bella Bug Creations
5. Meg - From Peacock Paperie

I've been awarded My Blog Has Attitude Award

Ms_Dee from dees-specialthings.blogspot.com awarded me My Blog Has Attitude Award.  Thank You Ms_Dee for chosing me.

Now to mention 3 things that make me totally different from anyone else.
Wow this is a tough one.

1. I have been a crafter all my life. In my younger days I was a wood crafter. I focused on home decor items. Some of the wood crafts I made were a wishing well, Goose pulling a wagon, a nativity barn. All were hand painted or stained.

2. When I was younger and raising my family money was tight. I made all the christmas ornaments for our christmas tree. I crocheted snowflakes,bells and wreaths. I also made my own plastic canvas ornaments. These ornaments still decorate my tree and I made so many there is enough to decorate my daughters tree as well.

3. I am a collector of angels. I love going to flee markets and antique shops looking for angels of all kinds.

Now to choose 5 other bloggers to award.

1.  Sandy - From Details by Sandy
2. Tracy - From Trace Elementz
3. Nadia - From With Glittering Eyes
4. Kristy - From Craftin On My Door
5. Eileen - From Dropped Stitches

I love visiting these blogs and being inspired by their creations.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas Card For Craig

I made this Christmas Card for my son Craig in 2009. He Loved it and saved it.
He thought it was so cool. This is number 3 on the list of cards never posted before.

I used the negative from the deer I used to make Craig's Birthday Card for his Christmas Card.
I used the Martha Stewart Village punch for the border.
Deer From Cricut Cartridge Winter woodland.
Cuttlebug folder swirls.

Birthday Card For Craig

I made this card for my son Craig's birthday when he turned 25. He Love it. He told me this one I'm saving. It made my heart smile when he said that.
Add this to the list of cards never posted before. Again I don't know why. LOL
This is number 2 on the list of cards never posted before.

Deer From Cricut Cartridge Winter Woodland.

Christmas Card For Mom

This is a Christmas Card I made for my mother a couple years ago. The whole family signed it and we gave her a big screen TV for a present.
I don't know why I never posted it. I will have the next several post of cards I never put up on my blog.
This is number 1 on the list of cards never posted before.

Bow is from Cricut Cartridge - Paper Dolls For Everyday
The wreath is from Cricut Cartridge - Christmas
The snowflakes are from Martha Stewart Snowflake punch.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine Puppy - I Ruff You

Cricut cartridge - Paper Dolls For Every Day - Puppy Cut at 5"
Gypsy Wanderings - Heart Cut at 2.65"
I designed the bone using Photoshop.
I printed it on 3M Ink Jet Transparency Film #CG3460
I cut the bone and layers around the bone by hand.
Paper is from K&Company Valentine Stack
The Puppy was made from S.E.I Velvet Paper
The back drop around the puppy I cut from Velvet Paper by hand.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Cartridge Storage Idea


Well It's the New Year and I have been doing some organizing. I just finished organizing my cartridges.
I did a spin off of an idea from Okieladybug (a lady from the Cricut MB). Here's what I came up with.

This is a 12.7 QT. / 12L Sterilite Container that I purchased from Walmart.

I love the closer on this lid. You just lift up and snap on the lid.

I made Cricut Cartridge accordian envelopes

This is the inside view. The Cartridge, Overlay and Book Fit inside.
I like the convience of having all my cartridges together with the books and overlays.

These are the directions for making the accordian envelope.
I didn't score the sides, I just found it easier to fold it after I put it together.

I have them all Indexed in Alpabetical order.
 I have all my seasonal cartridges in one container.
I have 27 cartridges per container.

I used George And Basic Shapes and From My Kitchen Cartridges.

I made up an MS Excel File to label the cartridge tabs.
I made that file into a pdf to share.

Happy Crafting!